Android 10 updates

one more month till android 10!

Just wanted to get some traction to our beta release of Android 9 security update. Check it out here.


Update on Android 10

Hi All,

Here is the process that we have been following leading up to Android 10:

  1. Work on SW7 (Android 9 security update) - Beta testing for this is almost complete. We will get it rolled out to everyone soon . Update (Aug 14, 2020) - SW7 is now available to everyone via wireless update.
  2. Take ownership of source code from Mediatek/ODM - This is currently underway. Took little long time for the negotiations. We expect it to close in a week or so.
  3. Our software team will port Android 10, run Google tests and submit for certification - This is the part that will take some time once we have the code. Expect around 1-2 months.

Current expected timeframe is mid-Sept to October. We apologize for the delay. Getting our ODM to agree on our terms has not been easy. However I’m hopeful that once we have the full source code baked in, it will be much smoother from there on. The side benefit is that we can look into TWRP and custom ROM support. Also future releases from there on will be much more streamlined since we will not have any external dependence.

We will keep posting here as we make progress.


Will TeraCube then open a source-code repository (GitHub, GitLab, etc) so people can hack on the sources?

I get the troubles … But if we are October… Can you look at jumping right to Android 11? Essential was able to release their OTA updates at same time as Google.

This is just a thought.

If it can’t be done can you explain why? I think that we should get to know. We backed the projected and I have stayed in even thought I am on October 2019 security patch.

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Jumping straight to Android 11 might not be possible since it has not been released yet. What we can do though is start the Beta process for it around the same time and release it much sooner (maybe Dec-Jan timeframe). Once we have the source code and do the entire process for Android 10 we will know much more.

Thanks a ton for being patient. While waiting for Android 10, we will roll out the Android 9 May 2020 patch to everyone soon. If you’ll like - you can install it from here.

Yes - that is definitely on the cards and is part of the plan. I do envision us going into that direction and offer a more privacy oriented alternative as well.


Glad to hear it, though I likely won’t be able to contribute much.

Privacy oriented you say? What ever do you mean? :shushing_face:

Sounds great. Updates and security are things that can kill… We need to say Teracube is update to take and works well.


Good news all around. Thanks for doing such a great job, Teracube team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, the only updates I truly care about are the security updates. So long as I have a working smartphone and can run the things I need, I couldn’t care less what version of Android I was running.

I used to use a Nexus 6P, and a Nexus 5 before that. Naturally, they’re old phones, and not super well supported on stock android, IIRC. So I switched to LineageOS, as one among other reasons. The latest stable version of LOS for each phone was always a bit behind the latest and greatest, but I didn’t mind. :man_shrugging:

Keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:


Something good to look forward to as we approach Android 10 and on towards Android 11:

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I sell new Subaru’s. This would be awesome to demo/use.


Can’t wait for the Android 10 release for the teracube. Will the update have Google camera?


Google camera is Google’s proprietary camera app. What you see around are hack/ports that we can not include by default in our Android. You can always install them from other sources :slight_smile:.


Ah! Ok thanks for clarifying.

Is there any word on Custom ROM support? I see that mentioned above here. I’d love to get my Teracube on Lineage or /e/.

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If you like, you can install Lineage GSI on Teracube. You’ll be surprised by how usable it is. Many custom ROMs are coming as GSIs these days. The usual caveats apply - for example, VoLTE will not work.


Update (Sept 17):

Hi All,

We are making steady progress towards Android 10. Have obtained sources from ODM/Mtk and have setup our internal repositories just like standard Android repos are. The SW team is now busy integrating Android 10 AOSP+Mtk distro on top of our sources. Once this part is complete, we will have to do complete internal testing (CTS+VTS+GTS) and then submit for Google certification.

Hoping to have an alpha Android 10 build out soon.


Ooh, great to hear! Thanks so much!

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For what it’s worth, I just updated to the latest September security patches for the lineageos GSI and it’s still working fine for me as a daily driver. No VoLTE is the biggest drawback, as cell signal is spotty (read: awful) at my place, but otherwise it’s working great!


Will be on track for a Sept / Oct Android 10 release?