Frustrated with TeraCube phone at this point due to phone calls (non, missed, straight to vm, sound, dial)

Where to start:

screen shuts off after seconds even though set for 10 minutes
when I call there is no ringing sound and after a while the phone disconnects, then call again, and again, and then maybe someone pics up and then cant hear me and hangs up.
when someone calls me, goes straight to voicemail and does not even show me a call came in.
the sound bar goes down all by itself so cannot hear any ringing, everytime I wake the phone up I have to refix the volume on the sound, it does not vibrate and sound as set in the settings
have set the sound several times over in the settings, does not stay as set
have set the sound several times over with the side volume button, does not stay as moved
really like the phone but ready to chuck it at this point!

Hi there - sorry to hear about your experience.

  1. Could you check if you have the latest software update by going to Settings > System > About > Wireless update.
  2. If your phone is already updated, then please follow these troubleshooting steps
  3. Could you tell us what wireless carrier are you using with the phone? Do you get VoLTE?
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says device’s software is currently up to date

went to troubleshooting steps
wireless up to date
could not find cache cleanup, not even with search

using ATT

here are the instructions for cache cleanup.

Not sure whether this should be a new thread or the same. I do not have any of the above issues but today even after restarting I am unable to enter number-keyboad options for voicemail, rendering it unusable. I can’t hear my saved messages!!

  • Touchscreen otherwise works fine.
  • It allows me to put in my code
  • then number keypad becomes 100% unresponsive
  • can only end call by exiting the app and tapping end call on homescreen mini-icon options
  • phone otherwise works/ can make calls
  • restarting 2x did not help

Hoping someone can help!

Thank you!!

Could you share which carrier are you using? And I fail to remember if you have already mentioned it earlier - is your phone’s software upgraded to SW6 or SW7 (Setting > System > About > Wireless update)?