SW6 Software update available

Hi everyone,

We are making the 1st software update available for everyone. It fixes all known issues mentioned here.

Expected Build number after update : Teracube_S1_06
Where to check your Build number : Settings > System > Advanced > About Phone > Build

How to check and install update : Settings > System > Advanced > About Phone > Wireless update

Manual steps

Please follow these steps only if the above mentioned wireless update does not work for you.

  1. Download the update directly on the phone (1.23 GB). If downloading on the PC, then connect phone and transfer the update to Internal Storage. Link here
  2. Goto Settings > System > About phone > Wireless Update
  3. Click top-right 3 dots > Local updates
  4. Tap “Internal storage” and browse to Downloads or wherever you transferred/downloaded the full_SW6_ota.zip file.
    Note 1 : If Internal storage does not show anything, then reboot the phone.
    Note 2 : Do not download the update to SD card.
  5. Select the file and continue the update process.
  6. Phone will power off and restart by itself. Don’t press power button.

Add me to the list giving thumbs up to the update. Went flawlessly.

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The only thing I was worried about so far was the poor battery life. The update took care of that.

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Yes, the update was smooth. Phone is faster now (it was already 5x faster than my old phone).

I completed the update about 4 hours ago - no restarts yet.

You’ve done an amazing job! I was showing it off in the office today, everyone loved it.


Installed the update and it seems to have fixed all the problems I had. The biggest improvement is with the battery life. I don’t need to charge the whole day now.

Hello Sharad,
Figured I’d give you an update.
I’ve had the updated installed since 2/19/20.
No problems so far.
I’ve been able to use my alarms, browse the web and use all my apps.
As far as the battery life, I have seen an improvement although I had no issues before.
Please and thanks. -Russ

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The update went smoothly, thank you. However, I was disappointed that it didn’t update the security level from the 10/19 version it shipped with. Until this is brought up to date I cannot use this phone as a daily driver, which is a shame.

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You should include the expected Build number for the update. Other wise, how would one know if they have it or not? And putting the download behind an URL shortener is… disconcerting. It should be a direct link, it’s not like the forums are Twitter and there is a tiny message size limit.


Thank you - both points taken. Will add the Build number and use direct links in future.

Probably a common sense question, but I actually haven’t opened my Teracube yet - family is extremely concerned about coronavirus and want to take no chances at all but also my current is still working (for now, but I’ve been having hotspot and wifi issues in addition to battery drain and camera problems so we’ll see how long before it dies), so it’s a backup.

That being said, when I open it, would I have to download all software updates first before the latest or would it prompt me to download the latest?

We have not opened a new unit after the update ourselves. Most likely it will get you setup first with your google login, apps setup, bring your data from cloud, etc. And then the update popup should come by itself in the first 24 hours. If not, you can always start it by going to Settings > System > About > Wireless update.

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Oh, I meant like if say I open it for example May 2020 and there are two updates between now and May 2020, would it likely start downloading from the first of two or would it be the most recent of the two at the time? (I’m assuming it’ll have to go through both because one can’t jump around, but I can be the guinea pig and find out then. :sweat_smile:)


I’m late to the party. I was on vacation then came back and rooted the phone. Is this a whole new image?

Will it require re-root and resetting up?

It did seem to break root. Magisk says it’s no longer installed. Is there an updated root image?

*On the plus battery is no longer always almost dead
*Android auto appears to work (just initial look)

The boot partition did not change in the SW6 update. You can use the same patched boot img referenced in Rooting [Advanced users only]

Could I also request you to do some more testing on Android auto and add your findings, versions, etc in this topic -

Is there now, or will there be full firmware packages available? To be flashed to phone with flash tool? Spft for example.