[Advanced] Android kernel source now public

The sources for Teracube One’s Android linux kernel are now public at https://github.com/Teracube-Inc/kernel_teracube_one-4.4.

This is an early step in our commitment to longer software support, open-source, and custom ROM community. Check them out and let us know if you have any questions.


Yessssss! Bravo!

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A small step for a little company, but a huge step for our community!!!


What config is needed to make the kernel from source?

Also: what prebuilt gcc do we use?

make kernelversion is 4.4.146 which is not on the google prebuilt gcc site

EDIT: found two configs with the mtk 6771 string in the name which might be candidates permalink to the diff view of both:

EDIT2: Found a board dump of the Teracube and it has the default kernel config file:

EDIT3: Repo says “Config: v7101o_defconfig”


v7101o_defconfig is the the one you should be using.
Google does support Linux 4.4.x on Android 9. Regarding compiler, anything recent should do. We were even able to boot with clang (AOSP clang-4691093 which is the recommended for pie branches).


Thanks for the info. I started using that def config awhile ago.

I am running into errors however when trying to build the kernel from source in the TWRP build process: