[Advanced] Installing Our Android image with SP Flash

** Warning ** : This is for advanced users only. Can lead to corruption of your storage which might not be fixable locally and may require a paid replacement of your phone. You have been warned.

There are a few situations, like downgrading to an older Android version or reverting to factory image from a custom rom, that may require flashing Android to your Teracube using a PC. The steps below will help you to use SP Flash to write a system image to a phone.

Note: Flashing a system image will completely erase all data on the phone. Back up all important data before performing these steps.

Note: Leave your phone unplugged form the PC until instructed to plug it in.

Prepare the PC

  1. Download SP Flash here

  2. Unzip SP Flash, then navigate inside the unzipped directory and run flash_tool.exe

  3. Download and extract the system image you want to flash to your phone. The currently available images are: SW6 (link)

  4. In SP Flash, select the Download tab.

  5. Click the “Choose” button beside the option named “Scatter-loading file”.

  6. In the file selection dialog, navigate to the extracted system image directory and select the scatter file. It should be a .txt file with the word “scatter” in its name. For example, the scatter file in the SW6 archive is named MT6771_Android_scatter.txt.

  7. After selecting a scatter file, the table at the bottom of the SP Flash panel should be filled with a list of partitions, and files to flash to the partitions. Make sure the drop-down menu above this table is set to “Download Only”, and make sure all of the rows are checked for flashing.

Shut down your phone

Your phone must be powered off to be flashed by SP Flash.

Flash the Image

When the phone and PC are both prepared, follow the steps below to flash the image:

  1. Click the Download button in SP Flash. The button has a green arrow icon. SP Flash will begin waiting for your phone to become visible.

  2. Make sure your phone is powered off. Plug in the phone, then wait. SP Flash will display a series of progress bars as the image is flashed to your phone. When the process is complete, a small window with a checkmark will appear to let you know the process was successful.

Note: Windows 10 should have the drivers needed to use SP Flash by default. If SP Flash fails to detect your Teracube, you may need to install the drivers below, then reboot your PC, before flashing:

System Setup

Because all data is erased by flashing an image, the phone will need to be configured as if it were brand new.