Android 9 Easter Egg

Settings->System->Advanced->About phone->Android Version->Press “Android version” on the “Version” panel rapidly around 25 times.

You’ll get a cute moving Art display of a “P”. 2-finger zoom in and out changes it. Change orientation of the phone to cycle through different color schemes.

On some other phones there’s a further easter egg available by tapping the “P” sufficiently, but I haven’t been able to bring it up on my Teracube.

I tried it and it did it. Does it actually do anything? lol

I tried it as well - comes up in just 2-3 rapid clicks. It seems like just a cool animation that Google baked into Stock Android without any “real” purpose.


that’s random lol

This has been always available since Gingerbread, I believe.


Android almost always has easter eggs. Their contents and access methods vary across OSs. LineageOS 14 has one of the cooler ones. It includes a little cat picture collection game.