Android Auto connection causing reboot

Is anyone else having a problem with their Teracube rebooting randomly when connected to Android Auto? I didn’t have this issue with my Pixel 2XL, but since switching to my Teracube recently it’s been happening fairly often, almost 2x a week. I drive a 2020 Toyota RAV4 (not sure if that matters) and my Teracube is updated to the most recent security/software etc.

Hi @Winston_Maupin - there are 2 possibilties for this happening:

  1. There could be an inconsistent software state that is leading to this reboot. You can try the basic troubleshooting steps (including factory reset if needed). There is a decent chance this could fix it since yours is the first reported case for this issue.

  2. It could be a bug in the Android code. If that is the case, then we will have to wait for our Android 10 build to see if that fixes it.