Did I just get scammed by a Computer Tech Service?

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Didn’t know where else to put this, we may need some more group discussion topics. Ideally this post would go into General Tech category, but it is urgent. I was concerned that I had a scammer hack into my PC b/c of a msg in Instagram. I visited their fake Bitcoin mining site. So I contacted this Service Tech Company to do a free PC assessment to check for viruses: My Computer works. https://mycomputerworks.com/.

They have a social presence, LinkedIn, FB etc. And no reviews of scamming customers on GlassDoor, just some billing and cust service complaints on review sites. Overall, my experience was fine with them. The tech discovered no issues, but their process seemed to involve downloading a bunch of freeware onto my computer to diagnose and used no system to auto check for concerning files/apps, he just checked manually and asked me. Not sure how out of date this is? But my tech friends think it’s sub par or odd b/c they left all the freeware they installed on there w/ diagnostic logs. I called sales afterwards and they said I could delete everything or keep whatever I wanted and there was nothing harmful. The tech also found no issues on my PC.

My Concern: To schedule a free inspection, I had to give them my credit card info, including exp date and 3 digits on back and my first/last name and address. I feel foolish for giving now, why would they need that to schedule free consultation? I can see it streamlining the mitigation process if someone had an urgent issue needed resolved then, they want to be able to charge for it first before tech worked on it, but still skeptical in hindsight… in No charges on card atm, that with remaining freeware left installed made me question their business legitimacy but could find no scam reviews online. Any one ever heard of this company or 1 asking for credit card info to do a free consultation? Wondering if I should get a new card…

Disclaimer: Before considering any of my suggestions, please note that we are not financial security advisors.

I had not heard about this company before. If you don’t feel comfortable, canceling the payment card would be the best and will probably fix any potential harm.

Were all those software trustworthy (the ones you installed on your Windows computer). Many times even the good ones can install adware or search bars, etc. If you are not sure, I’ll suggest resetting your Windows computer (after backup) to clean out everything.

Community members - any other suggestions for @Shaman34?

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As I would tell clients at my tech support job: If you have any doubts, cancel your card and/or freeze your account. These services are free to you, they only cost you time and effort. Fixing things if someone does take advantage is going to be far more costly, and possibly never resolved fully.

The internet is really untamed territory. Do not assume that anyone is your friend, and act accordingly. Do not doubt yourself if something in an online transaction seems off, because in most every case I’ve dealt with, the person was right with their first instinct to distrust it.

As for this company, I can’t say. One of my two jobs is with the largest customer-facing tech support company in the US, so I have a conflict of interest. Would I use them? No, but then again, I wouldn’t have to :man_shrugging:

That being said, the BBB website is a great resource:

Things like Facebook reviews, Google reviews, etc. can easily be gamed and manipulated, so I don’t rank them as very trustworthy. BBB is more tightly controlled.


Thanks! I did change my payment card and login credentials, and increased 2FA on accounts where it was available. I also did an OS reinstall, so since i did all that I will probably be fine yea? The PC shop only find minor cookie tracking infections on my PC, they said they were probably selling my browser traffic or just gaining intel on me as a prospect.

Also, I’ve heard that even the BBB is just paying to be reviewed, so how reliable is it?

Question for all here: Has anyone heard of AnyTech365 before? This seems to be the company that installed some buggy malware on it. Site: https://anytech365.com/

They’re partners with https://www.pandasecurity.com/en/support/panda-dome.htm

One of the benchmarks I personally use is Alexa rank.

Alexa rank for this website is 1.7Million which does not give me any confidence at all.

Yea they installed malware on my PC, so I reinstalled the OS, apparently you can do this relatively easily by yourself? Have you done before? Also, for TeraCube, is the only way to check for phone system updates to go to About Phone - Wireless Update? It says my system software is up to date.

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Yes - That is the correct way. We have a security update that is being tested right now. We should have it available to everyone soon.

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