Face recognition gone after update

Is it gone permanently or are yall just fixing it cause it’s no longer in the settings under security, yes it lets me scan my face under smart Lock but there still isn’t an option to activate it and when I turn off the phone by double tapping it or press the power button I see the face recognition symbol for half a second and then it disappears and gives me the Lock symbol and tells me to use the fingerprint sensor instead. Let me know if any of yall are having the same issue.

Yes having the same porblem whit it not working after the update.

We had to remove old face unlock as it was buggy. Here are the new steps to get it working :

Settings > Security > Smart lock > Trusted face.

Unfortunately I can corroborate this. I enrolled my face through the Smart Lock > Trusted Face @Sharad mentioned and I also get the near-instant face->padlock icon experience on the lock screen.

Sharad, I had to do a factory reset because of a weird battery drain problem I was having. Now I can’t find the “Trusted Face” unlock setting. Is it gone? Will it be coming back?

Trusted Face is part of the “Smart Lock” section under Settings > Security & location. It will only be available if you have enabled PIN or pattern under Screen lock. Have you enabled either of them?

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I have a pattern, but Trusted Face is not an option. Under Smart Lock, I see On-body detection, Trusted places & Trusted devices

My Bad. It seems Google has removed the Trusted Face feature from all Android phones for security reasons. I just checked my phone and it’s not there anymore.

I understand many users like using face unlock. We can look into another implementation for Teracube One - however, it might take some time to get in.