Google camera port for teracube

Can someone with a Teracube download this app and generate the report / upload screenshots of the app’s report?

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Also, moderators and company workers (Sharad you there?). What is the specs for the two cameras on the back? Is one taking monochromatic photos while the other takes color photos? Any detailed information about aperture and stuff would also be welcomed!

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May I ask which “Google camera” app specifically are you referring to in the topic title?

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I am specifically thinking of porting the Google Camera app for Pixel phones (like cstark’s work on XDA forums see here) to the Teracube.

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Sounds great. Forgive the dumb question, but how does one port the Google camera app to a new phone, given that (AFAIK), the app source is not available? Is this working with decompiled sources from the official .apk?

In any case, I wish you good luck. Be sure to publish your results here, looking forward to them.

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Yeah, you have to decompile the app. Then I think it involves something to do with recoding the camera sensor paths. Once I get my Teracube (living abroad so it’s taking awhile) then I will probably work more on this. I sent some messages and am doing research right now to figure out exactly how to do it. I loved the picture quality on my old Pixel 1 XL (it died sadly) and would love to continue with high quality photos here (not to diss the Teracube camera, there’s just some magic to the algorithms with the Google Camera app).

Will definitely publish results here.

The camera2api information you reported looks promising though!

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Good news!

I found out that someone has already found a port working for the Realme 3, which uses the exact same processor as the Teracube!

This should make porting easier / hopefully make it so the bulk of the work remains within just altering the configuration files contained within the XDA Forums thread.

Only issue that remains is: the Realme 3 appears to be running Android 10 (based on the version number of the Google Camera they’re modifying) and the Teracube has not received its update to Android 10 yet.


Hi, Gatlin,
Before I get started, the APKs linked here are not recommended as I don’t fully trust the sources. This is just information that may help your efforts.

The JSON version of the report generated by Camera2 API Probe should be attached below.
TeracubeCamera2APIProbeReport.json (15.6 KB)

I was able to at least run GCam by installing the APK below, intended for the Realme 3:

The results:
Lens Blur - Working
Panorama - Working
Photo Sphere - Working
Lens - Working
Portrait - Black Screen
Camera - Black Screen
Video - Crash
Photobooth - Crash
Night Sight - Black Screen

Selecting different cameras in the settings didn’t seem to have any effect, and installing the Realme 3 Pro version seemed to result in even less functionality.

With a different APK, linked below, the viewfinder works in the normal Camera mode when Settings>Advanced>Base is set to “Pixel2018 HW Zsl Hdr(need YUV)” It’s able to take (and save) a single photo before crashing. Unfortunately, Lens Blur mode is missing entirely and nothing else improves.

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I think for Android 9 we can realistically only use Google Camera v4. Version 6 of Google Camera seems designed for Android 10 (or at least most of its ports require Android 10).

Arnova8G2’s older Google Camera ports for Google Camera v4 might work better on the teracube.

My teracube might be held up at customs right now so I might not be able to get started right away or as soon as I hoped.

Thanks for information though!

I think I might wait till we get Android 10 before I try to get Googles Camera. If it works well for you keep us posted.

Here is a Go version that worked on my phone. Let us know if it works for you.

Disclaimer - downloaded from a Telegram group. Please use at your own discretion.

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I tried it out and I wasn’t expecting the quality to actually be less on the Google cam lol. Must need to have the newer version. When we get Android 10 I’m sure we’ll find updated versions.

Okay, so I should be able to go to the post office in Valencia on Monday, since reopening phase 1 will begin in Valencia then (letting me travel between my current home and previous home).

I’ll stop by the post office on the way to get my stuff from my previous house. Hopefully my teracube is still there so I can pick it up. If not, then I will have my teracube when my Spanish green card expires and I am back in the USA sometime beginning of next month.

Looking forward to develop/port TWRP and GCam to the teracube.

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Any updates on this ?

Nothing yet. I am waiting for Android 10 to spend significant amounts of time on this, plus I need to fix TWRP ported to the Teracube

EDIT: I will explain my thoughts a bit more:

  1. I need access to TWRP so that I can debug magisk module installations which brick the device
  2. Magisk root is probably going to be needed for the most dramatic changes in camera quality
  3. Magisk modules help out with many other google camera ports

Here is a tutorial for using another camera app for low light pictures:


Here is a fully functional gcam for the Teracube One


Using it now can’t really tell the difference between past pictures and pictures shot via the app tbh. The app has an issue where it crashes when I’m on video mode.

OK I havent tested video yet. Can you send crash logs? My messages are open, or pm on telegram @amyosx

Idk how do I do that?