Google Fi compatibility

Update: Please note some users have experienced problems activating Google Fi. Therefore we have removed Google Fi from our compatibility list. If you are experiencing problems, then please try the steps below. You may also reach out to us at

Note : Google Fi is not supported on Teracube for above reason.

If you are still trying to activate Google Fi, read on.

New Fi users
If you are setting up a new Fi account - a heads up : You will not see Teracube in the supported phones list on fi’s website. Just select any unlocked Android like Huawei Honor 8 or Oneplus 7 (unlocked) and you will be fine.

Activate SIM
Once you have the SIM, pop it in and install Google Fi app. Use the google account associated with your Fi and follow the app through activation.

SIM Activation errors
If you experience error code T080, T209 or some other code, try the following:

  1. Make sure your SIM is seated properly. If you see wireless signal in status bar, then SIM should be fine.
  2. Reboot the phone and try Activation.
  3. Goto Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Fi > Storage. Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  4. Open Fi app and try activation again.
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I just finally got to activate my teracube phone & we switched from Verizon to GoogleFi. We are having this issue and no matter what we do, even trying the troubleshooting tips provided here it will not “fully activate” we spoke with GoogleFi customer service and they said we are fully activated but the notification from the GoogleFi app will NOT go away, it continues to say “tap to finish activation” and I’ve noticed some of my texts sit in a “sending” status. I have No clue if our problem is a Google problem or a teracube problem. But it’s annoying.

Hi, I had not found anything about GoogleFi before I posted earlier yet now have found the search functionality which lead me to this. Did it change again since as of 8/29/2020 I see Google Fi (again?) on the list: What US carriers does Teracube support?

Teracube is an unlocked smartphone and can run on AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Tracfone Wireless, H2O, Simple Mobile, Lyca Mobile, PureTalk, Consumer Cellular, Ultra Mobile, Straight Talk, Red Pocket Mobile, Jolt, Ting, Airvoice Wireless, and Google Fi. Thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile: