How to factory reset (Erase all user data)

  1. Please make sure
    – You are backed up (Settings > System > Backup).
    – Your pictures are backed to Google photos or some other backup system.
    – And you remember your google password :slight_smile:.
    – Read the post below.
  2. Then do Factory reset (Settings > System > Reset options > factory reset)

If touchscreen is not working or broken, then follow Erase User Data (aka Factory reset) Without Touchscreen.

Will I lose my data?

Google backup (check to make sure it is on) will bring all texts, contacts and phone settings back. Your photos can or are already backed up to Google photos or some other service (good idea in general). Most other apps (like banks, social media, games, etc) usually have their own cloud login and backup.

Note : Make sure you remember your google password.

Google backup will also install all your apps but will not configure them for you. So you might have to login again into your banking apps, social media apps, etc.

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Thanks Sharad, since my screen doesn’t work i can’t back anything up anymore, but I had backed up my photos to google drive, my text msgs were on the google msg app which is web based so will those auto back up? Also my contacts I think should be backed up either by sim card or my Google acct right?

Text msgs are now backed up by Google (regardless of whether you use the web version or not). And yes - the contacts are backed up if you save all contacts in your Gmail account (instead of SIM card).