How to Install Screen Protector

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Many have reached out and inquired about the installation of the tempered glass screen protector (inside the Teracube package as spare). We thought it would be good to share our best practices:

1/ Find a low-dust workspace - Anywhere indoors with calm air is a good start. Optional: You can improve things with steam. Running a hot shower works well, which fills the room with steam. When the steam has subsided, there will be less dust in the air than usual. This is the best time to apply the screen protector.

2/ Wash your hands - Dry them good with a clean towel. Shake off any excessive lint.

3/ Clean the screen - Remove the plastic screen protector from the screen. Inside the Teracube package, you will find two wipes with label “1” and “2”. Use “1” to clean the screen thoroughly, and then use “2” to rub it dry. You may even use a blow dryer (on cold-air setting) to remove any lint on the surface.

4/ Check placement of the screen protector - Carefully remove it from the packaging. Before you lift its backing, position the screen protector over the screen to see how much margin to leave on each side and ensure clearance of features such as camera spots (with which the screen protector’s less even surface would interfere).

5/ Stick on the screen protector, aligning an edge carefully. - Peel back the screen protector’s backing from one end (leaving it on the other allows more control by holding that end). Align it with the correct edge of the screen, leaving the margin you determined previously and watching how the alignment of the sides perpendicular to it will fall. Then peel off the entire backing and smooth down the protector.

6/ Problems? - Little mistakes like tiny dust specks should be ignored, as trying to fix them will do more harm than good, the screen protector will soon absorb worse damage exactly as intended, and it will eventually be replaced for a fresh one. If you need to reposition the screen protector, lift an edge carefully with a thin but not sharp implement like a piece of backing material, fingernail, or plastic spoon edge. If a big speck of dust is underneath, try fishing for it with a sticky note, length of cellophane style tape (such as “Scotch”) or sticky note, taking care not to disturb the adhesive.

** 7/ Remove air bubbles** - Wipe the air bubbles toward the edges with a smooth implement like a credit card (or a plastic ruler). Don’t do this forcefully. The air will eventually diffuse out and too much force could scratch the brand-new protector.

8/ Finished! - Enjoy your gadget without fear.

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I did this, and the way the protector attached itself to the screen was fun to watch! However, I ended up with something under there; lifting it up by pressing my fingernail to the edge of a corner worked fine, but now that corner isn’t attached to the screen. Is there any way to fix this? Will it reattach on its own? I’m concerned about dust buildup coming in through there.


Thanks for reaching out. The answer to your question depends. If the corner was bent during installation, adjustment, or removal, then it won’t be able to “re-adhere” to the surface. However, what you could do is to get a clothing peg or something alike to clamp it on over the corner and leave it for about 15 mins. It should do the trick. If that doesn’t help. Please reach out to our support via and we can see what we can do to assist. :slight_smile:

Should I try to remove the preinstalled screen protector first?

Yes - the pre-installed screen protector has to be removed before installing a new one.