[ How-To ] Migrate to Teracube

There are several ways to transfer your data from a previous phone to your new Teracube. The method you’ll use depends on the device you’re transferring data from.

How to transfer from an Android phone

  1. Android has a built-in backup system. When your Teracube is powered on for the first time, it should ask whether you want to load data from a backup of a previous Android device. Follow the instructions on the screen to transfer your data.

How to transfer from other phones

If you aren’t able to make a backup of your previous Android device, you can also use Google Drive to transfer your data.

  1. Connect your old phone to Google Drive, then sync all data on the device to Google Drive. Make sure you copy all of the information you need to transfer, including contacts, photos, and videos.

  2. Open Google Drive on your Teracube phone and sync the data back to the new device.