LTE for Tmobile is horrible on Teracube

Currently with my Teracube set to 4G LTE I am experience 2 mb/sec speeds compared to my iphone 11 pro on the same network has speeds of 70 to 80 mb/sec. Is there away to correct the setting? All the setting look correct as far as I can see. The wifi speeds are good.



Hi Guard,

T-Mobile assign bands to different phones based on many factors (and actually any carrier for that matter). There is also channel aggregation that some flagship phones have giving higher bandwidth.

In general, LTE performance varies a lot depending on location and the bands. I, for example, have seen up to 35-40 Mbps sometimes. And sometimes as low as 1.5-2 Mbps.

Will the new Teracube 2a have a “BETTER” version and not the limited version?