Mobile network not working on newly shipped phone

So I received a new replacement phone after doing a swap because of a cracked screen. After inserting the SIM card I am not receiving any mobile network connectivity. I updated all apps from the app store and I conducted the SW6 update. I have tried both slots of the SIM reader and I get the same results. This is has not been an issue on the few previous Teracubes I have had. I even just put the SIM back in the cracked screen phone and the mobile network lit up right away so it’s not a carrier issues. The SIM slots appear to be noticing that there is a SIM in there and it can see it is TMobile but I have no bars of service and it says emergency calls only. I have tried resetting my networking settings, restarting the phone several times, clearing data on sim toolkit, and a few other things within the mobile network settings and I am having no luck.

I saw some other threads about contacting the carrier and giving the IMEI but I haven’t had to do that on past Teracube phones so I am not sure why I would need to do this on this phone (my 4th Teracube).

Are there any thoughts on some things I can try?

@Sharad hoping you can provide some insight, thanks

I also have since checked my TMobile profile and it is showing the correct IMEI of the new phone listed under my line.

I also tried a complete factory reset with no luck

Sorry to hear that. It seems like you have tried everything - different slot, SIM card in another phone, factory reset. Please reach out to us via email and we can figure out the next steps.