New to Teracube, Teracube One works on Verizon MVNO Visible 4G LTE

Greetings all - just wanted to pop on here a introduce myself briefly. I only learned of Teracube last Tuesday and quickly signed up for one of the $99 2e. After poking around the forum and doing some more research, I ended up ordering a Teracube One from Amazon. I picked it up this afternoon and so far I’m delighted by it. I inserted my Visible Mobile (they are the least expensive way of getting on the Verizon network that I’ve found) sim and the phone immediately connected to the network and all is good so far. Do I need to register with Teracube in order to be formally covered by the warranty or is it automatic? Looking forward to participating in the community and the belated Android 10 update. Thank you.

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