Phone Heating Up

Has anyone experienced their phone heating up during charging or during normal usage? The phone system says the apps are operating at normal capacity and the life expectancy of the daily charge usage is expect to be around 12 hours based on the usage but it never makes it that far even when just sitting idle on my desk.

Hi there - seems like some app could be consuming tons of CPU. There are few reasons that this could be happening.

  1. Are you using Google Fi by any chance? Their app is known to cause high CPU usage.

  2. Can you check your SW version at Settings > System > About > Wireless update. If it is Teracube_S1_05, then you will have to upgrade to S1_06 manually.

  3. If you already have SW6 (S1_06) or SW7, then you can try Safe mode for a few hours/day to that is different. Safe mode runs without any 3rd party apps. So this can tell us if any 3rd party app is causing the CPU usage.

  4. Enable Settings > Duraspeed. This will disable all background activity for all 3rd party apps.

  5. Enable Airplane mode. And then enable your wifi (so that you can use your apps). Try this for some time if its better.

  6. If nothing helps so far, then do a factory reset and check again.

My hunch is that there is some app(s) or service(s) running in the background which causes the phone to heat up and subsequently draining the battery. If you can go to Settings | Battery | Battery Usage (access through the three vertical dots on the top right on the Battery screen), you will see a list of apps running. This would be a good starting point to isolate which app is the culprit of the battery draining issue. Once identified, we can figure on a remedy.

Sometimes, it might be as simple as a app reset or even uninstall and reinstall the app. Although until we know more, I won’t be able to offer any further advice than what @Sharad has suggested above.