Removing encryption from sd card before factory reset?

Hi well finally getting to factory resetting my phone as an app I removed is a gift that won’t stop giving me problems. But when I go to security to try and remove encryption there is no option to do that.

Anyone know where the option is?

Factory reset and restore might be the only option to remove encryption.

Make sure you say No to Secure mode while setting up the phone after the reset.


By encryption do you mean the encryption on the SD card itself?

Yup. But doesn’t matter anymore I had a crash on the computer as I was backing up the sd card and I was stupid and did cut and paste vs copy and paste. Lost everything from the sdcard lol oops.

Oh no… I am so sorry. But in any case you won’t need to do a factory reset. Now that your SD card data is lost, you can just reformat the card and plug it straight back to Teracube.

I just realized after all this as I was setting up the phone again. The SD card was set as removable storage so it wouldn’t have had any encryption… I could have popped it out and transferred everything to my computer using a usb stick. Sigh. Oops. Lol.

Yeah I was just going to say, if you add the SDcard as portable, it won’t encrypt the card so that you can move it around. There are definitely pros and cons for configuring the SDcard as portable vs dedicated. I won’t get into the detail here but you can find lots of articles online.

Again, I am sorry to hear your lost of data. As a data nerd, I can share with you that the general best practice is always copy first, delete later, in case of contingency.

Lol it just goes to prove the saying don’t try to fix things when over tired lol ya I get you on the data nerd I normally have most things triple redundant. Ya I have way too many hdd’s lol. But most was backed up I just hate having to recover from the cloud it so damn slow. But it will push me to finish figuring out how to setup a home cloud. Lol yes triple redundant lol more hdd’s .