Spotify issues on Teracube one

Having issues with Spotify on my Teracube One been having to keep closing and reopening it after a certain period of time. I would get a notification that says Spotify is trying to play… the music keeps playing but the time of the song gets stuck and the play button doesn’t show up in my notifications anymore. I also have DuraSpeed on for this app so it can run without the app sleeping.

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I don’t recall if you’ve posted it, and knowing you’re savvy, I’m sure you are, but you’re at least on sw06, right?

I’m on S1_07

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I think I found the issue. It might’ve been DuraSpeed that was causing the problems.

If you like using Duraspeed, then you can add Spotify to the “allowlist” in Settings > Duraspeed.

I can confirm that I don’t have Duraspeed enabled and I do not have this issue with Spotify.

That’s the problem. DuraSpeed makes my apps unstable after a while. As soon as I disabled it, my screen turned black and I had to force restart my phone.