Teracube One vs. TeraCube 2E

Marketing on the new TeraCube 2E leaves many open questions regarding the performance differences of the two models. I am not a huge techy but I understand the basics enough to know if one model is comparable to another etc… Love story short here is my lament. I purchased 2 TeraCube One phones for myself and my husband and we are thrilled with our purchase!! Then when the big announcement of the TeraCube 2E came to my attention about a month ago, the only info on the phone was the new features like the removable back, replaceable battery etc. I did not see any of the internal specs. I. E. The operating system, the processors, etc. Now upon reading through the forum, it would seem I just spend $207+ to DOWNGRADE our phones when we both thought we were upgrading our phones!!! Is there anything that can be done to make the marketing more clear to others as I am sure I’m not alone making this mistake due to the marketing of the E2 model.
Would be great if we could cancel our order we placed through indiegogo…

Hi, there - thank you for being a Teracube user. We do have a comparison between the two phones available here - highlighting the processor, benchmark, and other specs comparison. In particular, you can look into the benchmarks to figure out if Teracube 2e will work for you.

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