Turns not registering on google maps directions while driving


When I am driving with the google maps directions on, about half of the times when I turn, either right or left, the phone does not register that I have turned. As in, it thinks I have not turned (that I have continued straight/missed the turn), and google maps reroutes me.

I have had this problem since purchasing the phone, but given I haven’t been doing a lot of traveling lately I was waiting to see how often it occurs. But it is pretty frequent, and in a lot of different locations.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Would you mind to retry shutdown the phone and reboot again. I have personally used Waze and Google Maps quite extensively (and over long period of time like several hours of driving continuously) and didn’t notice any problem.

Ok, I tried that, haven’t driven yet though. Will see how it goes.

Sounds like bad GPS signal strength, or multipath issues.

Where is this occurring? What type of environment?

Could you also tell us your build number from Settings > System > About > Wireless update.

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Thanks for the notes, I would say it is more or less what I would call a “small city” environment.

It looks like the build number is Teracube_S1_07_20200707-1113. I just pressed the “check for updates” and it says it is up to date.


After a few months I find I am still having the same problems with the phone not registering turns (or if I am waiting at a stop light/sign it thinks I haven’t turned and have gone straight, so it still reroutes me). It is quite distracting to be honest, because if you don’t realize what is happening you keep thinking that you made the wrong turn! Anything else to try?

Mounting it in a holder up in the front window, maybe. It sounds like low signal quality and GPS multipathing still.

Thanks for the thought, it is mounted in the same place I have always mounted my phone (the air conditioner grill) and I haven’t had this problem before.

And by before I mean with previous phones.