Wearing polarized gasses while using phone

Not an issue but something I’ve noticed. I wear polarized sun glasses at work and when I’m wearing them I noticed when I flip my phone sideways I can’t see my phone screen. If I take a picture in landscape or watch a video I have to take my glasses off to see. When I turn the screen upright again the screen comes back. I tried it on my wifes iphone 11 and It showed up either way. I didn’t get to try it with another android phone. Thought it was interesting. I wonder what in the screen makes it do that.

OLED don’t use polarizers in the screen construction, LCDs do. Ah well, right?

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That makes sense. Not a big deal at all just something I noticed and it made me curious.

This happens to my other phones as well. And depending on the screen manufacturer, your experience may vary. For example, my OnePlus can see landscape mode but not portrait, which is same on my Xiaomi as well, but the exact opposite for my Teracube.


I can get by with landscape not showing. But not seeing in portrait would have driven me nuts.

I’ve noticed some phones put the polarization angle at 45°. Like this you can see both portrait and landscape, albeit not perfectly (the perfect angle to see is now 45°). I found it to be a good compromise.