Bluetooth with Garmin vivosmart band

I have noticed that my smart watch disconnects from my phone. I didn’t do that with my other phone, I tried it with my husband’s iPhone and it didn’t do it. I’m not sure why but every night it disconnects and I have to reconnect in the morning. It will randomly disconnect during the day too.

Which smartwatch are you using?

I use a vivosmart 4 by Garmin.

Reproducing it here would be the best way. Ordered a unit - fastest it can come is April 30 (if not delayed). Will keep you posted.

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Hi @Amy_Warren - sorry for the delay in getting back. I have been using a Vivosmart 4 for more than 2 weeks and it has stayed connected through out. Could be a cache/state issue on your phone.

Could you try the following:

  1. Delete the Vivosmart connection and uninstall the Garmin connect app.
  2. Clear cache partition
  3. Install Garmin connect app again and setup the connection.

I’ve tried that, even restarted the vivosmart, still tells me no device is connected. I have to go into the app and reconnect.

Ok. We can try some more rigorous steps.

  1. Suggestion from this Garmin forum discussion -

Open the app, touch the picture of the device, and under sounds and alerts, you can turn off the Bluetooth Connection alert.

  1. Try these steps (including a resetting of your Vivosmart)
  2. Make sure Duraspeed is disabled. Settings > Duraspeed
  3. Found this 3rd party app that is a workaround for Garmin connectivity issues.
  4. If none of these work, you could try a Backup and reset of Teracube.

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Do you have more than one Bluetooth item connected? If you do you will have the items kicking each other if you don’t go into developer mode and increase the max number of Bluetooth connections at once. My Garmin vivio active 3 was doing that till increased the number of connections and also Bluetooth headset and car radio connect issued till increased total number of connection.


Lol well the problem has popped up again due to the pandemic… I signed up for the covid19 app here in Canada. It uses bluetooth to handshake other phones. The problem I am now encountering is not a phone issue it’s a my phone is trying to connect with too many other phones because of the app especially on a drive to work or home. I also noted the covid-19 app here really sucks the power down on my phone.
Just an FYI Incase you have a covid19 app and you have noticed your Bluetooth is having issues. This could be part of the problem.

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