Case survey

Update (Aug 28, 2020):
And the cases are live on Amazon (US and CA). You can find the links here.

Update (Aug 24, 2020):
We have received the shipment of the new cases. Check out the pics here. We should have them up for sale within a week or so.

Update (June 11, 2020):
Work on the new case has started. Manufacturer is in the tooling stage right now.

On a related note : Please install a glass screen protector as mentioned in our security advisory. If you are looking to buy one, here is our recommendation.

Hi Everyone,

Based on feedback from you all - we are working on developing a more protective case for Teracube. Would love to your feedback on some potential designs. There are 6 cases below : 1-5 are samples and No 6 is similar to Spigen armor case on Amazon (the spigen armor photo and link is just for reference - the final case will be designed by us).

Note 1: The final colors will not be the ones shown here. Probably Black or clear.
Note 2: These are samples from other phones. The final designed case will have the right cutouts for fingerprint scanner, charging port, headphone jack, etc.


  • Case 1 is the thickest case. It is made of black TPU and has a rugged style yet flexible. It has a good amount of “lip” above the screen.
  • Case 2 is quite thin, and slightly softer than case 1, with a subtle leather pattern.
  • Case 3 mixes slightly soft plastic (in red) with hard plastic (in silver) and has a slot to hold credit cards. It is heaviest of the lot as well.
  • Case 4 is more rubbery than the first three, and is clear. It is more rugged than the included case. The corners protrude and have air pockets to protect the phone during a drop.
  • Case 5 is more rubbery than others, and has a velvety feel and appearance. Can be made with a good “lip” to protect screen.
  • Case 6 is soft black plastic with a good amount of raised lip to protect the screen. Please note that it is only similar to spigen armor - the final case will be designed and made by us.
  • Case 1 (Black)
  • Case 2 (Red)
  • Case 3 (Red and silver)
  • Case 4 (Clear)
  • Case 5 (Pinkish red)
  • Case 6 (Spigen armor)

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I wanted to vote for 3 of them lol

Will there be multiple colors available once a case is selected? Or WYSIWYG?

Also is 5 really intended to cover the fingerprint scanner? Or just a sample for another phone?

Looks like no finger print hole for the clear either maybe. That would be a deal breaker.

These are just samples from other phone cases. Final case will have the right cutout for Teracube fingerprint scanner and button placement.

The two things I never want in a phone case - fat and slick. It’s funny how phone’s are advertised as super thin and then we put a 2 inch thick cover on it. The rubberized finishes keep it from slipping out of my dry hands.

We will try to get 2 color choices. However these orders have a MoQ (minimum quantity) that can make it tough to make more than 1 color.

Case 5 in my opinion is the most attractive. I’m assuming it would get a cut out for the fingerprint reader correct?

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Yes. The final case will have the right cutouts for Teracube.

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Please note that Case 6 will be designed and made by Teracube. Spigen armor is just shown for reference. Sorry if there was any confusion.

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Would just like to add that whatever case is best suited and may be chosen for us, what I’ve found over years & years of using plug-in power adapters, plugs & cords… a flipover “port cover” is invaluable for keeping dust, fibers & grime out of the port which then dramatically extends the lifespan. Especially since most of us put our devices in pockets which contain tufts of fibrous fabric material… that ends up in the ports. Which subsequently then can jam or affect the ability of the plug to connect effectively with all conductors inside the port.
Yes, I’ve been a tech. geek for years and admire longevity & sustainability.


Wish there was a blue option or a different color for case 3 and 6.

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We will most likely go for Black color. Maybe color needs its own poll :slight_smile:


@Sharad The Spigen amazon link is just for reference correct those are not made for terracube.
Please and thanks just wanted to clear up the confusion.

Ever since the initial update my phone has not had any issues btw. :grin:

You can choose multiple

I’d love to get a case with some wallet options please!!! Even just one or two slots for a drivers license and a credit card would go a l-o-n-g way!

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sweet! got the extra votes in.

Whichever one gets built I’ll take one!

Whatever case is chosen I will be ordering 4 of them since we my daughter and I ordered a double pack of Teracubes and we both want a backup case. I would prefer the strongest case available. The Spigen Armor seems to be one of the best reviewed cases on Amazon. I know that ours would not be that case but a similar one would be GREAT!

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Whatever style you go with I hope that the new case will make it less likely that I will be constantly accidentally turning my volume all the way up or all the way down by accident. It seems like every time I handle my phone I do this.