The new phone case is now available

Very excited to announce that the new case for Teracube (One) is now available. The Teracube community gave us feedback via the survey few months back. From there it went through Industrial design, tooling and manufacturing all within 3-4 months. Build and quality wise this new case is much improved and protective than the original one - we are sure you’ll love it.

More details and links to purchase are here.

Please note that one of the major feedbacks we got from the community is the lack of protection that the original case has for the front display. Hence we strongly advise everyone to get the new case.


I bought it. I like the raised front edges. I hope that means it’ll be compatible with the screen protectors.

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Yes - it is compatible with the screen protectors. Let us know if you run into any issues.

Will do. Thanks.

I am enjoying the case, better lip and protection, but seems light

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Super excited