Help: My phone got wet

On my run, it started raining and my phone got some rain on it. Now the sound is so mufled and almost no noise comes from the bottom speakers. Is there any fix to this? I didn’t plan this but also thought the phone was water proof. What are the warranty coverages for this? Anyone have a similar issue please let me know…

$39 and they’ll send you a replacement phone. Its a pretty easy process.

Thx man, I don’t see their support # anymore and still havnt gotten a reply to my email or chat request. Do you know the link to get it started? Is it all online or do you have the # I can call

Hey all, I need my phone replaced or fixed ASAP, and I can’t get a hold of support and the support email isn’t letting me login or reset my password. Does anyone have the customer support # to call? This is Urgent, Thanks!

Have you used rice or another desiccant to try and dry out your phone?

thx for reply Debra! in a bowl full of rice for past 2 hrs, does it need to be covered up to prevent extra oxygen or is ok open top? Also, it was damaged last night around 7pm, so not sure if it’s too late. How long did you keep it in for? I read 24 H should be enough, not sure

I would seal it up, just to keep out any extra moisture. Last time I did it, I think I went for 24 hours. Take out your SIM card and such.

I have no doubt the Teracube team will get with you shortly.

Hi @Shaman34 - emailing us at is the sure-shot way to get hold of us. We can get your replacement process started within 1 business day.

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You can also try a hair dryer on low heat to get out any moisture.

Rice might help

Please note that our water damage replacement policy is different than other accidents. We are able to do only one (1) water damage replacement in the entire life of a Teracube (One) sale. And it costs $99. The reason for this is that there is a high chance that the water damage would render the entire phone non-salvageable.

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My daughter dropped her Teracube into a sink full of water. It was completely submersed for about 6 seconds while she freaked out and I ran in and grabbed it. We put it in a bag of rice for about a day and a half. DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON BEFOREHAND!!!
When we took it out it powered right up the only issue we had was that the mic wouldn’t work and the headphone jack didn’t work.
It turns out that there was a TINY piece of rice that got into the headphone jack so the phone thought headphones were plugged in and disabled the mic. I took a Qtip and took most of the cotton off of it and used that to get the rice out.
Worked great until she dropped it out of the car a couple weeks later… WHICH is why I bought TWO of them to start with :stuck_out_tongue: