Major Connection Issues, Phone Unusable At This Point!

I have two Terracube phones. My daughter got the first one and she has been having all kinds of issues with being dropped from our Google Wifi network. Sometimes she can manually reconnect, other times it just won’t connect at all. Then to make matters worse the T-Mobile data service doesn’t work more often than not. About the only thing that works is voice calling (over VoLTE), and plain text messages.
I had to spin the other Terracube up for a few days for my use and I’m seeing the exact same thing. The phone is essentially useless at home. I missed some very important calls this morning and have spent most the day trying to put that fire out. If I reboot the phone I’ll get mobile data back for a while, but then at some point it stops again and will not resume.

What is going on? I’m to the point where I’m going to have to buy another phone for my daughter because she can’t use the phone for her school calls and things like she needs to. I really like the idea of the Terracube phones, but if they can’t maintain wifi OR data connections, then they are useless.

Basics first:

Are you on sw06 or sw07, or the as-shipped sw05 which has noted problems?

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You can check the version at Settings > System > About > Wireless update. It’ll be like Teracube_S1_05 or S1_06.

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It also says, “Your devvice’s software is currently up to date”

Manually update :

Their OTA Server was having issues last week,so it’s sensible the update check turned back a false result.

Is there a way I can download and manually start the install?

I’ll check my daughter’s phone. I just spun this one up so it makes sense, but hers has been active for months…

Yes - you can compare versions and then start the install if needed. The base version was Teracube_S1_05 (SW5) which had bugs fixed by Teracube_S1_06 (SW6). Just follow the manual steps at the above link given by @Saijin_Naib. Remember to download the update directly on the phone.

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My daughter’s phone has the SW6 update, and I finally got mine updated this morning. She says her phone isn’t acting crazy like mine was, but we are both still having issues connecting to WiFi, and mobile data not working at all. We can still send/receive calls and texts though.

Hi Sean, would you mind to reach out to Our support team can run you through some diagnostic test to troubleshoot. Thank you!


Just emailed support.

I sent them info for the Wifi issue.

I am happy to report that the cell data issues were resolved with a SIM card replacement by T-Mobile.


Glad to hear everything is resolved. As a friendly reminder, in future if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support desk. Forum is a good place to discuss issues but often can lead to longer turnaround time and the last thing we want is to have our customers getting frustrated. :smiley: