Wireless update system down (Update: fixed)

Update (Nov 3, 2020): Wireless update system is back up now. Let us know if you run into any issues:

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Our wireless update (FOTA) system is down. So any new phones (or replacement units) might not get the SW6 or SW7 update automatically.

Please check your Build number at Settings > System > About > Wireless update. If your Build starts with Teracube_S1_05 (shipping version), then your battery and phone performance will not be good.

Recommended Upgrade
Please follow the Manual steps to install SW6 at the very least. Once you have SW6, you can also optionally upgrade from SW6 to SW7 manually.

We are working hard to get the wireless update system fixed.

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I’ve had my phone for 2 months and am very happy with it but if you want to swap it for a 2e that’s ok with me.

I was going to buy a 2e, but I’m a bit worried. Is your OTA updates still down, 29 days later?

Yes - we are using a partner company OTA system for Teracube One and their system is still down. We are working with them to get it going.

With T2e, we are moving to an internally developed solution that will be hosted by us for better reliability. We will move T1 to our own system as well with the next release.


Why worried? TeraCube have a very stable and well-documented manual update procedure for the One, so I imagine the same will be true for the 2E.

I’ve only used OTA once, I much prefer the speed of doing it via external storage, especially when managing multiple devices.

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Because there is something that we assume just works now and 2020, and it has been down for close to a month.

So this worries me about the longevity overall. The 2e is sold as a phone that will last a long time (so that we can have a lower impact on the environment) but if the company fails to deliver systems that work or replacement pieces when required, then this could defeat the purpose.

That’s my reasoning :slight_smile:

The Wireless update system is back up now.